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  1. We're so proud to introduce our new Crystocraft range that includes Swarovski Elements.  Ideal for any occasion but there's no doubt, these ornaments will make the perfect keepsake gift.

    About Crystals

    Men and women have been attracted to crystals as far back as the stone age.  They wore crystals for protection to ward off danger and also used them for decoration.

    Today, it is believed you place crystals around the body in an attempt to construct an energy grid which surrounds the person with healing energy.  As far as crystal therapy goes, all types of stones, gemstones, gems and minerals are classed as crystals.

    Crystals for healing

    It is thought that wearing crystal jewellery can have different effects depending on the crystal choice. It is believed that each crystal has a unique healing and metaphysical property. Crystals are mainly known for their healing abilities, but they are also used for encouraging health, wealth or love.

  2. Rose gold gifts are the perfect way to embrace this years hottest trend.  We've added a few products to get you started and there's still more to come!

    Why are rose gold gifts so popular?

    Rose gold jewellery has always been popular but truly came to light in the roaring 1920's.  It's because during this time, jewellery became more decorative and elaborate with rose gold being the modern choice for jewellery makers.

    Actually, the auction house, Sotheby’s, has reported that rose gold was originally developed by Faberge and used to be known as Russian gold but changed its name due to the slight copper shade.

    Check out our latest rose gold gift ideas.