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Top low cost tips we've found for your special wedding day

1. Jam jar glitter globes

Guests won't be able to resist giving this decoration a shake!

glitter globe wedding favourglitter globe instruction

Glue a 3in cake topper to the underside of a jar lid (2). Add a little glitter to the jar (3)- you can add more later. Fill it to the top with water and screw on the lid. Shake the jar to ensure you're happy with the amount of glitter. To complete, take off the lid, add glue to the rim and screw the lid back on.


2. Paper Bag Menu

Make your menu useful by printing it onto brown paper and making a bag out of it to hold breadsticks in. 

bread sticks menu ideapaper bag menu instructions

Type out your menu into Microsoft Word and print out on to an A4-sized sheet of brown paper. Draw a template like the one here (2) around the menu. Cut out the template using a scalpel. Fold and stick the tabs together (3). Add a border on the top edge by using a decorative punch. Fill with breadsticks.

If you're not too crafty then get someone with neat handwriting to ink it on instead.


3. Super low cost wedding cake decoration

Wrap different widths of ribbon around your cake. Complementary colours and contrasting textures give a pretty effect. Stick the ends together with royal icing. 

wedding cake witb ribbons


4. Photo table decoration

Raid your old family photo albums or pinch pictures of your guests from their facebook pages to create this fabulous low cost wedding table - image their faces. You could also use this idea instead of name place cards.

wedding table idea


5. Jam jar fairy lights

For a magical effect, twist a string of fairy lights into a jar. 

Use super powerful batteries and they'll double up as stunning evening decorations too

jam jar fairy light table favour



 6. Create this classy backdrop with helium balloons

helium balloons

Create a dynamic backdrop for your sweet or cake table by arranging weighted helium balloons in different hues, with the darkest nearest the table.


 7Floating Candles Table Display

For a striking display, fill a glass bowl with flower heads and candles.

floating candles wedding table display

Gather a selection of different flowers and cut off the stems below the flower heads. Fill a glassbowl with water and arrange the flower heads and floating candles in it. Place in the centre of the table.

You could also match the flowers from your boquet for an extra special wow factor

8. Create an impressive sweetie bar

Fill glass containers in a variety of shapes with a selection of sweets in complementary colours to create an eye-catching display. Include a handwritten card to encourage guests to dig in.



 9. Wedding Hair Clips

hair piece 001


You can also create this stunning hair clip by using a glue gun and adding marabou feathers, guinea flowl feathers and stripped hackle feathers by attaching them to a hair clip....all are available on our specialist feather site

Use flowers to tidy up any unsightly imperfections and we have a large selection here

We also stock some feathers and other embellishments so you can have a go at making this with other shades